The Benefits of Prenatal Massage for Expectant Mothers

Pregnancy massage is a safe and effective treatment for expectant mothers, allowing them to pamper themselves while also taking care of their own health. Throughout the many changes the body undergoes during pregnancy, regular massage can alleviate pain and stress, as well as reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Additionally, the benefits of pregnancy massage can extend into the postpartum period by preparing the mother’s body for labor and delivery.

chiropractor in Atlanta who is certified in prenatal care will be familiar with the unique needs of an expecting client and understand how to adjust the session to accommodate the changing body. The therapist will ensure that the client is comfortable by using pillows, blankets and tables with cut-outs to support the torso. In addition, a specialized massage table may be used that allows the expectant mother to lie on her side. Depending on the stage of pregnancy, it is possible that the therapist will need to use a massage chair for some clients.

Massage can relieve the tight muscles of the lower back and hips that are often aggravated by pregnancy. It can also help alleviate the tension in the legs that is caused by weight and shifting of the uterus. In addition, massage can improve the circulation of the lymph and decrease swelling in the feet and ankles. In addition, massage can relieve headaches by reducing the tension and relaxing the surrounding muscles.

Research has shown that regular massage can result in higher levels of serotonin and dopamine in the bloodstream, which can boost mood and diminish the negative effects of stress. The calming effect of massage can also enhance sleep quality, which is essential during pregnancy to promote overall wellbeing.

Pregnancy is a stressful time, and many women experience anxiety and depression as a result. Research has shown that prenatal massage can increase the levels of relaxation hormones in the mother’s body, resulting in reduced stress and anxiety. This, in turn, can result in improved mood and a positive outlook on life for the mother.

Studies have also shown that massage can result in fewer complications before and during birth for expectant mothers, as well as shorter labors. Prenatal massage can also help prevent edema, or leg swelling, which is common in the later stages of pregnancy. Massage can help improve circulation and remove the build-up of fluids by increasing the range of motion in the affected muscles and joints.

Ultimately, massage is a great way for pregnant women to relax and take care of themselves. It is recommended that women receive a prenatal massage at least once per month until 27 weeks, and then twice a month until 36 weeks. After that, it is recommended to continue with weekly massages until the end of the pregnancy. This will help to prepare the body for labor, as well as reduce aches and pains after the baby is born. In addition, massage can continue to be beneficial in the postpartum period by promoting relaxation, supporting the healing process and reducing muscle soreness.

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